How To Quit Smoking Weed

Quitting Weed

You’ve made it this far and that is a big step forward in learning how to quit smoking weed forever. For some people it is not much of a challenge to quit, but a certain percentage of pot smokers have a difficult time letting go. I can remember how badly I needed to stop smoking marijuana because it was ruining my life. There will be a list with easy to follow steps that will help you go in the right direction. But if you’re serious about quitting pot permanently, I really recommend you visit Quit Marijuana & Detox Naturally for the complete daily plan and long-term success. You will receive their natural detox guide as a gift for making the right choice.

  1. First, to learn how to quit smoking marijuana you should set aside a small part of the day for some quiet time to get rid of all the clutter & noise that’s occupying your mind. Try your best to relax by breathing slow and deep. Inhale while counting to 10 then exhale doing the same. Eliminate all feelings of anxiety, nervousness, depression, confusion etc… Make sure you’re not stoned when doing this! Remember that the whole point is to quit.
  2. Second, find everything that reminds you of marijuana like posters, paraphernalia, movies and music. Now, throw them all away! Regardless of how much it is worth, get rid of it. If an item seems difficult to trash think of how it has trashed something far more valuable than it-your life!
  3. Third, It’s time to shun anyone who deals, smokes pot or hangs out with people that get high. This step might sound unreasonable but it is unavoidable if you’re serious about quitting pot. The point here is to avoid peer pressure and temptations that might lead into smoking again. It’s time to find friends that don’t hit the bong, the pipe or the “J”. I must caution people who would rather skip this step, there is a real big chance of returning to marijuana if those who smoke it are still close to you.
  4. The fourth step involves discovering a good new habit to replace the bad old one. To do this simply think of what else you enjoy doing. If you’re out of ideas, just do a search online for “list of hobbies” and you’ll find 100′s of them to choose from. Signing up to a gym for consistent exercise is amongst the best ideas I can think of. After a few short weeks you will feel refreshed, ready for some more!
  5. Fifth, you need to know what to do when tempted or thinking about smoking marijuana again. When this happens, get up and either go for a walk or even better, ride a bike. It might sound elementary but it works every time. neglecting this tip can cause you to slip back. Remember, you’re here to learn how to quit smoking pot and sometimes it will seem tough.
  6. As stated above, these steps help you get started on your journey. But for a complete daily plan, permanent success and natural detoxing, I strongly urge you to get a hold of Seb Grant’s How to Stop Smoking Weed & Detox Guide. No one who ever achieved anything great got there by merely relying on the limited knowledge they had. They all eventually learned from expert advice and experience that has stood the test of time in order to get to the next level. I’ll into a little more detail as to why this is necessary when seeking a marijuana free life.
  7. Just because you blow it a few times and go back to smoking weed, don’t give into hopelessness and decide to quit trying. This would be the worse thing you can do. Just get up, get over it and go at it again! Check out this website for more about the how to quit smoking weed guide.

When it comes to quitting weed, everyone should have a daily plan covering the entire timeline of your journey. This includes professional advice & support during the beginning phase, middle and final stages. You’ll know what to do when your stuck or when something unexpected happens. There won’t be any guesswork on what to do in case temptation gets the best of you when you blow it and smoke pot again. It will also cover the difficult phase of going through marijuana withdrawal, which is where too many people have a hard time battling. Seb provides further details about different things you can do to quit smoking pot along with a guide dedicated to life after marijuana. It’s similar to having the full arsenal against the enemy instead of just a gun with a few bullets. It will allow you to loosen marijuana’s grip over your life and finally uproot it for good!

He also includes the natural detox guide to expel all the bad stuff accumulated in your body over the years. The methods for detoxing are completely natural and harmless. There is no over the counter chemicals needed here. Your body will thank you for giving it what it likes and you’ll be thanking Seb for attaining expert knowledge on quitting for good. If you’re serious about quitting pot, get started today by visiting his Quit Marijuana and Detox website.


The Impact A Community Has On Quitting Weed

One of the largest contributing factors to a successful exit from smoking marijuana and withdrawal is not being alone. This explains why MA centers do such a good job of helping people quit, it is the support of others and the feeling that you are not alone. That’s why I highly suggest finding a few online forums or communities that are teaming with people who are in the same situation. When you realize that you can meet new people who are also seeking to quit smoking marijuana and give each other the strength to continue the challenge becomes mutual, thus lightening the load on your shoulder.

I can’t help but to shrug my shoulders knowing the denial pot smokers are in when they tell me marijuana is not addictive. I can’t help to react this way because a very close friend of mine, someone whom I had grown up with ended up in a MA center because no matter what he did, he ended up smoking weed again. Now, after seeing what he went through how can I just nod my head in agreement to a “stoner” who gets high several times a day and says that pot isn’t at all addicting? It’s so much bigger of a character that admits the reality of a problem and the realization that something must be done sooner or later to improve the situation. I encourage anyone reading this to just sit back and think about how valuable your life really is, especially to those who love you dearly. Think about how smoking marijuana changes you into who you are not. Ponder on the thought of how much weed holds you back from doing so many things in this life while keeping people isolated from wanting to enjoy your presence. These were some of the main reasons I once inquired about how to quit smoking weed and I am incredibly glad I did because the quality of life improved greatly to my benefit. Now it is your turn.

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